Sandwich Local History Society:

Books and pamphlets on the history of Sandwich.

“Sandwich Recollected”
by various members of the Society

Booklet for sale

An oral history of everyday life
in Sandwich between 1914 - 1950 £5

“Medieval Sandwich"
by T L Richardson

Booklet for sale

Sandwich, its Maritime History, Trade, etc £4

The 1830 Farm Labourers Riots in Kent” by T L Richardson

An account of the widespread wage and threshing machine-breaking riots which broke out across the length and breadth of Kent in 1830 £6

“The Sandwich-Gascon Wine Trade” by T L Richardson


“Elizabeth Carter of Deal” by T L Richardson

The 46 years covered by Elizabeth Carter’s correspondence provide a unique window in the life and times of a clergyman’s daughter but also an insight into the little known world of 18th century Deal which in some respects resembled a lawless frontier town £6